This domaine has been rapidly improving since the early 1990s, and still does not yet have the reputation that the wines deserve. The style is pure and transparent, yet not at all lacking in richness. Highly recommended.

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2001 JJ Confuron Nuits St Georges 1er Chaboeufs 1x150cl

£325 / Bottle (Incl. UK Duty & VAT)Duty Status: Margin SchemeAvailability: Immediate
Duty StatusPrice
incl. UK Duty & VAT
AvailabilityETA to UK Addr.
Margin Scheme£325Immediate2-3 days

Margin Scheme wines are offered under the VAT margin scheme for second-hand goods. These prices include UK Duty & VAT, but this is not reclaimable, even on export.

Immediate wines are available for immediate delivery, collection or transfer as per your instructions.